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Frequently asked questions


Many TECHNOLOGY companies like Shopify, SQUARESPACE, Facebook, YouTube and others made the headlines in both traditional media and the blogosphere. It’s not surprising to see all of the enthusiasm for these companies. They created billions of dollars of value and made their strategic partners incredibly wealthy.

Here’s the business model behind GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY:
  • GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY develops software
  • The software is used to build content or a community of users
  • The user content/community drives traffic (i.e. captures "attention")
  • This user attention gets monetized (usually with strategic partnerships or leveraged buy-out)
  • GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY makes money

We are a performance-based company. The internet landscape is forever changing. Prospectively, the methods we create today will not be as effective 12 months from now. Global Technology uses the most advanced DIY web design combined with marketing strategies & analytics to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technology, Global Technology will always need new and existing user participants/clients to test our web design, marketing, and analytical tools. In short, as long as your company agrees to follow the Global Technology guidelines, this invaluable investment resource will remain committed to advancing your online sales growth at no cost to you.

A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY user is only responsible for domain and hosting fees.


GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY provides sophisticated DIY web design, marketing and analytical strategies for the sole purpose of proving that our technology platform is effective. GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY looks to test its platform strength by selecting businesses that GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY can help achieve a tangible sales conversion and online presence from our efforts. Therefore, GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY only wants users who directly benefit and profit from our technology to demonstrate the value of our automated technology.


The Leading DIY Solution for Growing Companies

Business Intelligence (“BI”) solutions can deliver huge Returns on Investment (“ROI”), but most BI and DIY solutions fail, especially for new and growing companies. For most businesses, web design, marketing, and analytic intelligence is overly complex and requires too many resources to implement and maintain. On the other hand, most DIY platforms lack the flexibility and cannot provide the level of insight that a growing business needs.

GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY delivers where others fail. It’s the only tool designed with new and growing companies in mind. It’s simple enough for the unsophisticated to use, and robust enough to provide in-depth insights.


GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY works with companies with 2 to 200,000 employees, spanning dozens of different industries, each with unique needs. As promised, we do not charge for our robust platform. We’ve found that the best way to test a product is to offer it for free.

All of our customers enjoy real-time data connections, unlimited users, unlimited dashboards, and excellent support regardless of their plan. Additional services like premium integrations, in-depth consulting, custom features and tools, and the number of metrics needed are additional factors that can influence plan pricing.

A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY users only financially responsibility is to continue to domain and host fees.

  • Host website with Amazon
  • Pay your own domain and hosting fees
  • Login into your client dashboard once a month

All GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY users will experience the opportunity to benefit from our DIY web design and marketing platform. We elected to work with your business because we aim to leverage our marketing strategies and real-time analytics dashboard to prove our concept.

  • You pick and choose what marketing strategies that you feel work best for your business. through your client portal you’ll get a repository of methods that you can implement
  • Only highly researched white-hat marketing methods are provided

We have established a performance benchmark process that provides real-time updates of your sales progress.


Every customer enters a series of phases to advance to a more aggressive marketing and analytics schedule. The more we understand your business and online landscape, the more effectively we can integrate new direct and indirect online channels.

Every Global Technology case study participant gets marketing and analytical attention from our team.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to working together.